My Photos

Day 2-9
- The bite and 1st surgery

The first surgery was small, and as you will see, the surgeon definitely didn’t remove enough necrotic (dying) tissue. I think he wanted to see me again.

Day 10-21
- 2nd surgery to remove more necrotic tissue

I was not happy having to return to get more of my side removed. The wound from the second surgery was considerably larger. Thankfully, I had great in-home nurses came every day to help with bandage changes and to monitor my progress.

Wound Vac Application
- The process of putting on the Vac

You have to know what you’re doing when you put one of these on. Thankfully I had great in-home nurses that helped with changing this thing out every day. Wearing the WoundVac 24/7 for a whole month also made things quite interesting not to mention humorous.

- Healing from Vac

A skin graft might have been faster, but the Vac saved me the pain and a second scar from a skin graft. It took about a month for this second surgery to heal using the vac.

Raised Tissue
- Effect from Vac - tissue had to be cauterized

In my last trip to the hospital, they cauterized the raised tissue you see in the photos with silver nitrate so it would close up and heal faster. The silver nitrate was applied with something that looked like a matchstick. When the surgeon applied it, the tissue appeared to melt away. Wasn’t painful at all and after this, all I needed was a large band-aid.

Healed - 5 Months After Bite

This photo was taken 5 months after the bite, sometime in 2004. The scar pretty much looks the same today. To give you an idea on size, the scar is a little longer than a credit card and is now (mid-2006) more purple/blue in color.